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Title Authors Year Journal
Structural basis for the interaction of a hexameric replicative helicase with the regulatory subunit of human DNA polymerase α-primase. Fanning E 2012 The Journal of biological chemistry
Structure of a DNA polymerase alpha-primase domain that docks on the SV40 helicase and activates the viral primosome. Fanning E 2010 The Journal of biological chemistry
A specific docking site for DNA polymerase {alpha}-primase on the SV40 helicase is required for viral primosome activity, but helicase activity is dispensable. Fanning E 2010 The Journal of biological chemistry
Physical interactions between Mcm10, DNA, and DNA polymerase alpha. Fanning E 2009 The Journal of biological chemistry
Domain architecture and biochemical characterization of vertebrate Mcm10. Fanning E 2008 The Journal of biological chemistry
A dynamic model for replication protein A (RPA) function in DNA processing pathways. Fanning E 2006 Nucleic acids research
Human DNA polymerase eta promotes DNA synthesis from strand invasion intermediates of homologous recombination. Fanning E 2005 Molecular cell
Reconstitution of human DNA polymerase delta using recombinant baculoviruses: the p12 subunit potentiates DNA polymerizing activity of the four-subunit enzyme. Fanning E 2002 The Journal of biological chemistry
Role of the p68 subunit of human DNA polymerase alpha-primase in simian virus 40 DNA replication. Fanning E 2002 Molecular and cellular biology
Cell cycle-dependent regulation of human DNA polymerase alpha-primase activity by phosphorylation. Fanning E 1999 Molecular and cellular biology
Replication factor C disengages from proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) upon sliding clamp formation, and PCNA itself tethers DNA polymerase delta to DNA. Fanning E 1998 The Journal of biological chemistry
Stoichiometry and mechanism of assembly of SV40 T antigen complexes with the viral origin of DNA replication and DNA polymerase alpha-primase. Fanning E 1998 Biochemistry
An N-terminal deletion mutant of simian virus 40 (SV40) large T antigen oligomerizes incorrectly on SV40 DNA but retains the ability to bind to DNA polymerase alpha and replicate SV40 DNA in vitro. Fanning E 1996 J Virol
DNA polymerase epsilon may be dispensable for SV40- but not cellular-DNA replication. Fanning E 1996 The EMBO journal
SV40 T antigen binds directly to the large subunit of purified DNA polymerase alpha. Fanning E 1990 The EMBO journal
DNA polymerase alpha is associated with replicating SV40 nucleoprotein complexes. Fanning E 1978 Nucleic acids research

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