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Title Authors Year Journal
Alteration in the cavity size adjacent to the active site of RB69 DNA polymerase changes its conformational dynamics. Xia S 2013 Nucleic acids research
Bidendate and tridendate metal-ion coordination states within ternary complexes of RB69 DNA polymerase. Xia S 2012 Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society
Structural Basis for Differential Insertion Kinetics of dNMPs Opposite a Difluorotoluene Nucleotide Residue. Xia S 2012 Biochemistry
Using a Fluorescent Cytosine Analogue tC(o) To Probe the Effect of the Y567 to Ala Substitution on the Preinsertion Steps of dNMP Incorporation by RB69 DNA Polymerase. Xia S 2012 Biochemistry
Contribution of Partial Charge Interactions and Base-Stacking to the Efficiency of Primer-Extension at and beyond Abasic Sites in DNA. Xia S 2012 Biochemistry
DNA Mismatch Synthesis Complexes Provide Insights into Base Selectivity of a B Family DNA Polymerase. Xia S 2012 Journal of the American Chemical Society
Variation in Mutation Rates Caused by RB69pol Fidelity Mutants Can Be Rationalized on the Basis of Their Kinetic Behavior and Crystal Structures. Xia S 2011 Journal of molecular biology
Insights into Base Selectivity from the 1.8 A Resolution Structure of an RB69 DNA Polymerase Ternary Complex. Xia S 2011 Biochemistry
Structural Insights into Complete Metal Ion Coordination from Ternary Complexes of B Family RB69 DNA Polymerase. Xia S 2011 Biochemistry
Structure of the 2-Aminopurine-Cytosine Base Pair Formed in the Polymerase Active Site of the RB69 Y567A-DNA Polymerase. Xia S 2011 Biochemistry
Hydrogen-bonding capability of a templating difluorotoluene nucleotide residue in an RB69 DNA polymerase ternary complex. Xia S 2011 Journal of the American Chemical Society

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