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Title Authors Year Journal
DNA synthesis by Pol η promotes fragile site stability by preventing under-replicated DNA in mitosis. Bergoglio V 2013 The Journal of cell biology
The R438W polymorphism of human DNA polymerase lambda triggers cellular sensitivity to camptothecin by compromising the homologous recombination repair pathway. Bergoglio V 2010 Carcinogenesis
DNA polymerase theta up-regulation is associated with poor survival in breast cancer, perturbs DNA replication, and promotes genetic instability. Bergoglio V 2010 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Characterization of a natural mutator variant of human DNA polymerase lambda which promotes chromosomal instability by compromising NHEJ. Bergoglio V 2009 PloS one
Up-regulation of the error-prone DNA polymerase {kappa} promotes pleiotropic genetic alterations and tumorigenesis. Bergoglio V 2005 Cancer research
Evidence of finely tuned expression of DNA polymerase beta in vivo using transgenic mice. Bergoglio V 2004 FEBS letters
DNA polymerase beta can incorporate ribonucleotides during DNA synthesis of undamaged and CPD-damaged DNA. Bergoglio V 2003 Journal of molecular biology
Deregulated DNA polymerase beta induces chromosome instability and tumorigenesis. Bergoglio V 2002 Cancer research
Localisation of human DNA polymerase kappa to replication foci. Bergoglio V 2002 J Cell Sci
Enhanced expression and activity of DNA polymerase beta in human ovarian tumor cells: impact on sensitivity towards antitumor agents. Bergoglio V 2001 Oncogene

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