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Title Authors Year Journal
Analysis of mice deficient in both REV1 catalytic activity and POLH reveals an unexpected role for POLH in the generation of C to G and G to C transversions during Ig gene hypermutation. Wang JY 2012 International immunology
Rapid cell division contributes to efficient induction of A/T mutations during Ig gene hypermutation. Wang JY 2011 Molecular immunology
Comparison of two POLQ mutants reveals that a polymerase-inactive POLQ retains significant function in tolerance to etoposide and γ-irradiation in mouse B cells. Wang JY 2011 Genes to cells : devoted to molecular & cellular mechanisms
Sensitive and rapid detection of Vibrio corallilyticus by loop-mediated isothermal amplification targeted to the alpha subunit gene of RNA polymerase. Wang JY 2010 Letters in applied microbiology
DNA polymerase eta is a limiting factor for A:T mutations in Ig genes and contributes to antibody affinity maturation. Wang JY 2008 Eur J Immunol
Induction of a:T mutations is dependent on cellular environment but independent of mutation frequency and target gene location. Wang JY 2008 Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)
Genetic analysis reveals an intrinsic property of the germinal center B cells to generate A:T mutations. Wang JY 2008 DNA repair
Polymerase chain reaction-based enzyme immunoassay for quantitation of telomerase activity: application to colorectal cancers. Wang JY 1999 Japanese journal of cancer research : Gann

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