From Human herpesvirus 1 (aliases:UL54, HSV1, HSV-1) (genes: UL30)
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HHV1 is a family B enzyme from Human herpesvirus 1.

Selected Properties for HHV1:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
Yes (1) no data no data no data no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
2012 Sonia Burrel, Zaïna Aït-Arkoub, Henri Agut, David Boutolleau Genotypic characterization of herpes ...
2011 Abhinav Grover, Vibhuti Agrawal, Ashutosh Shandilya, Virendra S Bisaria, Durai Sundar Non-nucleosidic inhibition of Herpes ...
2009 Wang Tian, Ying T Hwang, Qiangsheng Lu, Charles B C Hwang Finger domain mutation affects enzyme... 3-5' exo,5-3' exo,All properties
2008 Gualtiero Alvisi, Simone Avanzi, Daniele Musiani, Daria Camozzi, Valerio Leoni, Jennifer D Ly-Huynh, Alessandro Ripalti Nuclear import of HSV-1 DNA polymeras...
2006 Arianna Loregian, Alessandro Case, Enrico Cancellotti, Carlo Valente, Howard S Marsden, Giorgio Palù Cloning, expression, and functional c...
2006 Shenping Liu, John D Knafels, Jeanne S Chang, Gregory A Waszak, Eric T Baldwin, Martin R Deibel, Darrell R Thomsen, Fred L Homa, Peter A Wells, Monica C Tory, Roger A Poorman, Hua Gao, Xiayang Qiu, Andrew P Seddon Crystal structure of the herpes simpl...
2005 Kelly S Trego, Yali Zhu, Deborah S Parris The herpes simplex virus type 1 DNA p...
2004 Beatrice D Pilger, Can Cui, Donald M Coen Identification of a small molecule th...
2004 Arianna Loregian, Brent A Appleton, James M Hogle, Donald M Coen Specific residues in the connector lo...
2002 Giuseppe Villani, Nicolas Tanguy Le Gac, Luc Wasungu, Dominique Y Burnouf, Robert P P Fuchs, Paul E Boehmer Effect of manganese on in vitro repli...
2000 H J Zuccola, David J Filman, Donald M Coen, James M Hogle The crystal structure of an unusual p... Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,All properties
1985 K B Frank, J F Chiou, Yung-Chi Cheng Interaction of DNA polymerase and nuc...
1979 P F Pignatti, E Cassai, U Bertazzoni Herpes simplex virus DNA synthesis in...
Protein sequence:
Name 3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
HHV1 L774F No (1)
HHV1 YD12 No (1)

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