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Title Authors Year Journal
Proliferating cell nuclear antigen-dependent coordination of the biological functions of human DNA polymerase iota. Podust VN 2004 The Journal of biological chemistry
Role of the p68 subunit of human DNA polymerase alpha-primase in simian virus 40 DNA replication. Podust VN 2002 Molecular and cellular biology
Reconstitution of human DNA polymerase delta using recombinant baculoviruses: the p12 subunit potentiates DNA polymerizing activity of the four-subunit enzyme. Podust VN 2002 The Journal of biological chemistry
Human DNA polymerase beta initiates DNA synthesis during long-patch repair of reduced AP sites in DNA. Podust VN 2001 The EMBO journal
Replication factor C disengages from proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) upon sliding clamp formation, and PCNA itself tethers DNA polymerase delta to DNA. Podust VN 1998 The Journal of biological chemistry
Tyrosine 114 is essential for the trimeric structure and the functional activities of human proliferating cell nuclear antigen. Podust VN 1995 The EMBO journal
Mechanism of inhibition of proliferating cell nuclear antigen-dependent DNA synthesis by the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21. Podust VN 1995 Biochemistry
Mammalian DNA nucleotide excision repair reconstituted with purified protein components. Podust VN 1995 Cell
Recognition by viral and cellular DNA polymerases of nucleosides bearing bases with nonstandard hydrogen bonding patterns. Podust VN 1995 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Highly selective affinity labeling of DNA polymerase alpha-primase from human placenta by reactive analogs of ATP. Podust VN 1995 Biochimie
DNA polymerase delta holoenzyme: action on single-stranded DNA and on double-stranded DNA in the presence of replicative DNA helicases. Podust VN 1995 Biochemistry
Nucleotide excision repair DNA synthesis by DNA polymerase epsilon in the presence of PCNA, RFC, and RPA. Podust VN 1995 Biochemistry
Mammalian DNA polymerase auxiliary proteins: analysis of replication factor C-catalyzed proliferating cell nuclear antigen loading onto circular double-stranded DNA. Podust VN 1995 Molecular and cellular biology
Strand displacement activity of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase heterodimer and its individual subunits. Podust VN 1994 The Journal of biological chemistry
Assembly of DNA polymerase delta and epsilon holoenzymes depends on the geometry of the DNA template. Podust VN 1994 Nucleic acids research
Lagging strand DNA synthesis by calf thymus DNA polymerases alpha, beta, delta and epsilon in the presence of auxiliary proteins. Podust VN 1993 Nucleic acids research
[Study of the interaction of DNA primase from calf thymus and human placenta with oligonucleotides matrices of various length and structure]. Podust VN 1993 Biokhimii͡a (Moscow, Russia)
Comparison of interactions of 5'-derivatives of deoxyoctathymidylate with human DNA polymerize alpha and HIV reverse transcriptase. Podust VN 1993 Molecular biology reports
Eukaryotic DNA primase appears to act as oligomer in DNA-polymerase-alpha--primase complex. Podust VN 1992 European journal of biochemistry / FEBS
Calf thymus RF-C as an essential component for DNA polymerase delta and epsilon holoenzymes function. Podust VN 1992 Nucleic acids research
Eukaryotic DNA primase. Abortive synthesis of oligoadenylates. Podust VN 1991 FEBS letters
Human placenta DNA primase: purification of enzyme and analysis of RNA primer synthesis. Podust VN 1991 Biochemistry international
Inactivation of DNA polymerase by adenosine 2',3'-riboepoxide 5'-triphosphate allows estimation of the primers affinity. Podust VN 1990 Molecular biology reports
[Template-primer-dependent inactivation of DNA polymerase alpha from human placenta by 2',3'-epoxyadenosine-5'-triphosphate]. Podust VN 1990 Bioorg Khim
Structure-function analysis of mononucleotides and short oligonucleotides in the priming of enzymatic DNA synthesis. Podust VN 1990 Biochemistry
The efficiency of interaction of deoxyribonucleoside-5'-mono-, di- and triphosphates with the active centre of E. coli DNA polymerase I Klenow fragment. Podust VN 1989 FEBS letters
DNA polymerase alpha-DNA primase from human placenta. Immunoaffinity purification and preliminary characterization. Podust VN 1989 FEBS letters
[Purification and characterization of DNA-dependent DNA-polymerase alpha from human placenta]. Podust VN 1989 Mol Biol (Mosk)
[Effectiveness of complex-formation of nucleotides with human DNA polymerase alpha from data of enzyme modification by reactive nucleotide analogs]. Podust VN 1987 Mol Biol (Mosk)
Role of nucleoside components and internucleotide phosphate groups of oligodeoxyribonucleotide template in its binding to human DNA polymerase alpha. Podust VN 1987 FEBS letters
The efficiency of dNTP complex formation with human placenta DNA polymerase alpha as demonstrated by affinity modification. Podust VN 1987 FEBS letters
[Eukaryotic and prokaryotic DNA-polymerase. II. The role of internucleotide phosphate groups of a template in its binding with the enzyme]. Podust VN 1987 Bioorg Khim
[Prokaryotic and eukaryotic DNA-polymerase. I. The role of internucleotide phosphate groups in the binding of a primer with the enzyme]. Podust VN 1987 Bioorg Khim
[DNA-polymerase alpha from human placenta. Effectiveness of interaction between oligothymidylates of different lengths and the template-binding site]. Podust VN 1986 Bioorg Khim

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