[Purification and characterization of DNA-dependent DNA-polymerase alpha from human placenta].


A preparation of human placenta DNA polymerase with specific activity ...
A preparation of human placenta DNA polymerase with specific activity 6000 unit/mg was obtained. The protocol of the enzyme purification includes the crude extract preparation, the subsequent chromatographies on phosphocellulose, red sepharose, DEAE sepharose and hydroxylapatite. The isolated DNA polymerase belongs to alpha-type according to the large molecular mass (greater than 150 kDa), high sensitivity to N-ethylmaleimide, the profound inhibition of DNA polymerization activity by 200 mM KCl and the ability to catalyze DNA synthesis, using the deoxyribonucleic template and ribonucleic primer. The DNA polymerase preparations contain a few forms with Stokes radii 50-60 A and sedimentation coefficients 7.3-9.0 S as found from data of gel-filtration and ultracentrifugation in glycerol density gradient, accordingly. The existence of four various forms of DNA polymerase activity: 150, 170, 220, 480 kDa were revealed by native electrophoresis. The four steps of purification result in DNA polymerase preparation that was shown by electrophoresis to contain 15-20% of protein possessing the polymerase activity. However the preparation obtained seems to be a "chromatographically pure substance", according to following ion-exchange and affinity chromatographies. The other proteins without polymerase activity are suggested to be the components of the replicative complex of human placenta cells.




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