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Title Authors Year Journal
Targeting DNA polymerase ß for therapeutic intervention. Sobol RW 2012 Current molecular pharmacology
Novel role of base excision repair (BER) in mediating cisplatin cytotoxicity. Sobol RW 2011 The Journal of biological chemistry
N-methylpurine DNA glycosylase and DNA polymerase beta modulate BER inhibitor potentiation of glioma cells to temozolomide. Sobol RW 2011 Neuro-oncology
DNA polymerase beta-dependent long patch base excision repair in living cells. Sobol RW 2010 DNA repair
Parp1 activation in mouse embryonic fibroblasts promotes Pol beta-dependent cellular hypersensitivity to alkylation damage. Sobol RW 2010 Mutation research
Gastrointestinal hyperplasia with altered expression of DNA polymerase beta. Sobol RW 2009 PloS one
Human methyl purine DNA glycosylase and DNA polymerase beta expression collectively predict sensitivity to temozolomide. Sobol RW 2008 Mol Pharmacol
Mutagenesis is elevated in male germ cells obtained from DNA polymerase-beta heterozygous mice. Sobol RW 2008 Biol Reprod
DNA polymerase beta null mouse embryonic fibroblasts harbor a homozygous null mutation in DNA polymerase iota. Sobol RW 2007 DNA repair
Regulated over-expression of DNA polymerase beta mediates early onset cataract in mice. Sobol RW 2003 DNA repair
Base excision repair deficiency caused by polymerase beta haploinsufficiency: accelerated DNA damage and increased mutational response to carcinogens. Sobol RW 2003 Cancer research
Base excision repair intermediates induce p53-independent cytotoxic and genotoxic responses. Sobol RW 2003 The Journal of biological chemistry
Binary system for selective photoaffinity labeling of base excision repair DNA polymerases. Sobol RW 2002 Nucleic acids research
Involvement of DNA polymerase beta in protection against the cytotoxicity of oxidative DNA damage. Sobol RW 2002 DNA repair
DNA polymerase beta mediates protection of mammalian cells against ganciclovir-induced cytotoxicity and DNA breakage. Sobol RW 2001 Cancer research
Photoaffinity labeling of mouse fibroblast enzymes by a base excision repair intermediate. Evidence for the role of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 in DNA repair. Sobol RW 2001 The Journal of biological chemistry
DNA polymerase beta and mammalian base excision repair. Sobol RW 2000 Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology
Cells deficient in DNA polymerase beta are hypersensitive to alkylating agent-induced apoptosis and chromosomal breakage. Sobol RW 1999 Cancer research
Different DNA polymerases are involved in the short- and long-patch base excision repair in mammalian cells. Sobol RW 1998 Biochemistry
Up-regulation of base excision repair correlates with enhanced protection against a DNA damaging agent in mouse cell lines. Sobol RW 1998 Nucleic acids research
Impairment of proliferating cell nuclear antigen-dependent apurinic/apyrimidinic site repair on linear DNA. Sobol RW 1998 The Journal of biological chemistry
Requirement of mammalian DNA polymerase-beta in base-excision repair. Sobol RW 1996 Nature
Mapping of nucleic acid binding in proteolytic domains of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Sobol RW 1993 Biochemistry
HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: inhibition by 2',5'-oligoadenylates. Sobol RW 1993 Biochemistry
Localization of a polynucleotide binding region in the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: implications for primer binding. Sobol RW 1991 Biochemistry

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