Drug design and discovery

(Drug Des Discov) ISSNs: 1055-9612,

References in Drug design and discovery:

Title Authors Year
HIV-1 reverse transcriptase variants: molecular modeling of Y181C, V106A, L100I, and K103N mutations with nonnucleoside inhibitors using Monte Carlo simulations in combination with a linear response method. Smith MK, Ruby S, Horouzhenko S, Buckingham B, Richardson J, Puleri I, Potts E, Jorgensen WL, Arnold E, Zhang W, Hughes SH, Michejda CJ, Smith RH 2003
Targeting HIV reverse transcriptase for anti-AIDS drug design: structural and biological considerations for chemotherapeutic strategies. Arnold E, Das K, Ding J, Yadav PN, Hsiou Y, Boyer PL, Hughes SH 1996

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