International journal of antimicrobial agents

(Int J Antimicrob Agents) ISSNs: 0924-8579,

References in International journal of antimicrobial agents:

Title Authors Year
Resistance to antiretroviral drugs in patients with primary HIV-1 infection. Investigators of the Quebec Primary Infection Study. Brenner BG, Wainberg MA, Salomon H, Rouleau D, Dascal A, Spira B, Sekaly RP, Conway B, Routy JP 2000
Hamao Umezawa Memorial Award Lecture: "An Odyssey in the Viral Chemotherapy Field". De Clercq E 2001
Perspectives for the treatment of hepatitis B virus infections. De Clercq E 1999
Anti-HIV drugs: 25 compounds approved within 25 years after the discovery of HIV. De Clercq E 2009
Development of resistance of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to anti-HIV agents: how to prevent the problem? De Clercq E 1997

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