Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)

(Chemistry) ISSNs: , 1521-3765

References in Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany):

Title Authors Year
An efficient method for the construction of functionalized DNA bearing amino acid groups through cross-coupling reactions of nucleoside triphosphates followed by primer extension or PCR. Capek P, Cahová H, Pohl R, Hocek M, Gloeckner C, Marx A 2007
Increased single-nucleotide discrimination in allele-specific polymerase chain reactions through primer probes bearing nucleobase and 2'-deoxyribose modifications. Kranaster R, Marx A 2007
Solution structure and conformational dynamics of deoxyxylonucleic acids (dXNA): an orthogonal nucleic acid candidate. Maiti M, Siegmund V, Abramov M, Lescrinier E, Rosemeyer H, Froeyen M, Ramaswamy A, Ceulemans A, Marx A, Herdewijn P 2012
Tuning single nucleotide discrimination in polymerase chain reactions (PCRs): synthesis of primer probes bearing polar 4'-C-modifications and their application in allele-specific PCR. Gaster J, Marx A 2005
Thermodynamic and mechanistic insights into translesion DNA synthesis catalyzed by Y-family DNA polymerase across a bulky double-base lesion of an antitumor platinum drug. Brabec V, Malina J, Margiotta N, Natile G, Kasparkova J 2012

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