References in FASEB J:

Title Authors Year
Methylation of DNA polymerase beta by protein arginine methyltransferase 1 regulates its binding to proliferating cell nuclear antigen. El-Andaloussi N, Valovka T, Toueille M, Hassa PO, Gehrig P, Covic M, Hübscher U, Hottiger MO 2007
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Protein-protein interactions at a DNA replication fork: bacteriophage T4 as a model. Nossal NG 1992
The human DNA polymerase lambda interacts with PCNA through a domain important for DNA primer binding and the interaction is inhibited by p21/WAF1/CIP1. Maga G, Blanca G, Shevelev IV, Frouin I, Ramadan K, Spadari S, Villani G, Hübscher U 2004
p12(DOC-1), a growth suppressor, associates with DNA polymerase alpha/primase. Matsuo K, Shintani S, Tsuji T, Nagata E, Lerman M, McBride J, Nakahara Y, Ohyama H, Todd R, Wong DT 2000

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