Journal of cell science

(J Cell Sci) ISSNs: 0021-9533,

References in Journal of cell science:

Title Authors Year
Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA): a dancer with many partners. Maga G, Hubscher U 2003
Identification of the nuclear localization signal of mouse DNA primase: nuclear transport of p46 subunit is facilitated by interaction with p54 subunit. Mizuno T, Okamoto T, Yokoi M, Izumi M, Kobayashi A, Hachiya T, Tamai K, Inoue T, Hanaoka F 1996
Clonally amplified cardiac stem cells are regulated by Sca-1 signaling for efficient cardiovascular regeneration. Tateishi K, Ashihara E, Takehara N, Nomura T, Honsho S, Nakagami T, Morikawa S, Takahashi T, Ueyama T, Matsubara H, Oh H 2007

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