IARC Sci Publ

References in IARC Sci Publ:

Title Authors Year
Studies on Epstein-Barr virus DNA polymerase activities in various human lymphoblastoid cell lines. Ooka T, Daillie J, Costa O, Lenoir G 1978
Properties of the DNA polymerase induced by Marek's disease herpesvirus, strain GA, upon infection of duck embryo fibroblasts. Boezi JA, Lee LF, Towle HC, Blakesley RW, Burmester BR 1975
O-Alkyl deoxythymidines are recognized by DNA polymerase I as deoxythymidine or deoxycytidine. Singer B, Spengler SJ, Chavez F, Sagi J, K├║smierek JT, Preston BD, Loeb LA 1987
Differential inhibition of mammalian DNA polymerases alpha, beta and gamma and herpes simplex virus-induced DNA polymerase by the 5'-triphosphates of arabinosyladenine and arabinosylcytosine. Reinke CM, Drach JC, Shipman C, Weissbach A 1978

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