Biosci Rep

References in Biosci Rep:

Title Authors Year
Inhibition in vitro of yeast DNA polymerase I activity by beta-blockers. Presta M, Riboni L, Ragnotti G 1982
Viroid RNA is accepted as a template for in vitro transcription by DNA-dependent DNA polymerase I and RNA polymerase from Escherichia coli. Rohde W, Rackwitz HR, Boege F, Sänger HL 1982
Preferential utilization of bromodeoxyuridine and iododeoxyuridine triphosphates by DNA polymerase gamma in vitro. Schwartz SA 1981
DNA polymerase-associated lectin (DPAL) and its binding to the galactose-containing glycoconjugate of the replication complex. Kelley TJ, St Amand T, Groll JM, Ray S, Basu S 1999

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