Dokl Akad Nauk SSSR

References in Dokl Akad Nauk SSSR:

Title Authors Year
[Complex of DNA polymerase alpha with 3'----5'-exonuclease from the regenerating rat liver]. Kravetskaia TP, Kleĭner NE, Timchenko LT, Krutiakov VM 1985
[Eukaryotic 3' leads to 5'-exonuclease correcting DNA-polymerase errors]. Krutiakov VM, Beliakova NV, Kleĭner NE, Legina OK, Shevelev IV 1983
[Effect of an inhibitor of replicative DNA-polymerase on the radioresistance of mice]. Belovskaia LN, Filippovich IV, Znamenskii VV, Terekhov AV, Zherebchenko PG 1980
[2 DNA synthesis enzyme systems in the nuclei of the loach Misgurnus fossilis. Participation of DNA polymerase alpha in the replication of embryonal nuclear DNA and DNA polymerase beta in the synthesis of hepatic nuclear DNA]. Mikhaĭlov VS, Guliamov DB 1981
[Dependence of DNA-polymerase I supersynthesis on the specific growth rate of Escherichia coli CM 5199]. Golovlev EL, Shkidchenko AN, Soktoev SA, Gurina LV 1983
[The 3'----5'-exonucleases of rat liver enhance the fidelity of DNA synthesis catalyzed by mammalian DNA-polymerase alpha]. Shevelev IV, Legina OK, Naryzhnyĭ SN, Perrino FP, Krutiakov VM 1991

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