Biophysical journal

(Biophys J) ISSNs: 0006-3495, 1542-0086

References in Biophysical journal:

Title Authors Year
Modeling DNA polymerase μ motions: subtle transitions before chemistry. Li Y, Schlick T 2010
Steered molecular dynamics simulation on the binding of NNRTI to HIV-1 RT. Shen L, Shen J, Luo X, Cheng F, Xu Y, Chen K, Arnold E, Ding J, Jiang H 2003
Switching between Exonucleolysis and Replication by T7 DNA Polymerase Ensures High Fidelity. Hoekstra TP, Depken M, Lin SN, Cabanas-Danés J, Gross P, Dame RT, Peterman EJ, Wuite GJ 2017

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