Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

(Ann N Y Acad Sci) ISSNs: 0077-8923,

References in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences:

Title Authors Year
Nucleotide insertion and primer extension at abasic template sites in different sequence contexts. Goodman MF, Cai H, Bloom LB, Eritja R 1994
Characterization of reverse transcriptase activity and susceptibility to other nucleosides of AZT-resistant variants of HIV-1. Results from the Canadian AZT Multicentre Study. Wainberg MA, Tremblay M, Rooke R, Blain N, Soudeyns H, Parniak MA, Yao XJ, Li XG, Fanning M, Montaner JS 1990
New developments in the chemotherapy of lentivirus (human immunodeficiency virus) infections: sensitivity/resistance of HIV-1 to non-nucleoside HIV-1-specific inhibitors. De Clercq E 1994

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