International journal of oncology

(Int J Oncol) ISSNs: , 1791-2423

References in International journal of oncology:

Title Authors Year
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Cell cycle-specific changes in hTERT promoter activity in normal and cancerous cells in adenoviral gene therapy: a promising implication of telomerase-dependent targeted cancer gene therapy. Murofushi Y, Nagano S, Kamizono J, Takahashi T, Fujiwara H, Komiya S, Matsuishi T, Kosai K 2006
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Inhibition of repair-related DNA polymerases by vitamin Ks, their related quinone derivatives and associated inflammatory activity (Review). Mizushina Y, Nishiumi S, Nishida M, Yoshida H, Azuma T, Yoshida M 2013
Understanding the loss-of-function in a triple missense mutant of DNA polymerase β found in prostate cancer. An C, Beard WA, Chen D, Wilson SH, Makridakis NM 2013

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