Archives of virology

(Arch Virol) ISSNs: , 1432-8798

References in Archives of virology:

Title Authors Year
Inhibition of cellular DNA synthesis in hamster kidney cells infected with western equine encephalitis virus. Simizu B, Wagatsuma M, Oya A, Hanaoka F, Yamada M 1976
Cladistic analysis of iridoviruses based on protein and DNA sequences. Wang JW, Deng RQ, Wang XZ, Huang YS, Xing K, Feng JH, He JG, Long QX 2003
Rapid detection of orf virus by loop-mediated isothermal amplification based on the DNA polymerase gene. Li J, Song D, He W, Bao Y, Lu R, Su G, Wang G, Lu H, Zhao K, Gao F 2013

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