Molekuliarnaia biologiia

(Mol Biol (Mosk)) ISSNs: 0026-8984,

References in Molekuliarnaia biologiia:

Title Authors Year
A review of recent experiments on step-to-step "hand-off" of the DNA intermediates in mammalian base excision repair pathways. Prasad R, Beard WA, Batra VK, Liu Y, Shock DD, Wilson SH
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[DNA polymerases beta and lambda, and their roles in the DNA replication and repair]. Belousova EA, Lavrik OI
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[Polymorphism of 5' promotor region of mitochondrial gamma-DNA-polymerase gene in human populations]. Maliarchuk BA, Perkova MA, Derenko MV
[Flap endonuclease-1 and its role in the processes of DNA metabolism in eucaryotic cells]. Nazarkina ZhK, Lavrik OI, Khodyreva SN
[Interaction of replication protein A and flap endonuclease 1 with DNA duplexes containing a nick or flap]. Khlimankov DIu, Rechkunova NI, Khodyreva SN, Petruseva IO, Nazarkina ZhK, Belousova EA, Lavrik OI
[Interaction of human replication protein A with DNA-duplexes, containing gaps of varying sizes]. Khlimankov DIu, Rechkunova NI, Kolpashchikov DM, Petruseva IO, Khodyreva SN, Favr A, Lavrik OI
[Isolation and characteristics of endonuclease tightly bound to alpha-polymerase from the rat liver]. Timchenko NA, Shevelev IV, Drobchenko SN, Zhuchenko OP, Krutiakov VM

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