Journal of biotechnology

(J Biotechnol) ISSNs: , 1873-4863

References in Journal of biotechnology:

Title Authors Year
Improved thermostability and PCR efficiency of Thermococcus celericrescens DNA polymerase via site-directed mutagenesis. Kim KP, Cho SS, Lee KK, Youn MH, Kwon ST 2011
Reversible immortalization of rat pancreatic β cells with a novel immortalizing and tamoxifen-mediated self-recombination tricistronic vector. Wu HL, Wang Y, Zhang P, Li SF, Chen X, Chen YK, Li JG, Yang SM, Su YP, Wang JP, Chen B 2011
Electrochemical detection of beta-1,3-glucanase gene from transgenic capsicums using asymmetric PCR generated by a detecting probe and an anchoring probe. Wu G, Wang Z, Zhang H, Yang N, Du J, Lu X, Kang J 2010

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