Cancer biology & therapy

(Cancer Biol Ther) ISSNs: , 1555-8576

References in Cancer biology & therapy:

Title Authors Year
An investigation of the effects of nanosize delivery system for antisense oligonucleotide on esophageal squamous cancer cells. Li H, Wang J, Zhou T, Zhang Y, Zhang Z 2008
Frequent detection of infectious xenotropic murine leukemia virus (XMLV) in human cultures established from mouse xenografts. Zhang YA, Maitra A, Hsieh JT, Rudin CM, Peacock CD, Karikari C, Brekken RA, Stastny V, Gao B, Girard L, Wistuba I, Frenkel E, Minna JD, Gazdar AF 2011
hTERT-targeted RNA interference inhibits tumorigenicity and motility of HCT116 cells. Shen Y, Zhang YW, Zhang ZX, Miao ZH, Ding J 2008

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