Gene therapy

(Gene Ther) ISSNs: 0969-7128,

References in Gene therapy:

Title Authors Year
Transplantation of BMSCs expressing hPDGF-A/hBD2 promotes wound healing in rats with combined radiation-wound injury. Hao L, Wang J, Zou Z, Yan G, Dong S, Deng J, Ran X, Feng Y, Luo C, Wang Y, Cheng T 2009
The telomerase reverse transcriptase promoter drives efficacious tumor suicide gene therapy while preventing hepatotoxicity encountered with constitutive promoters. Majumdar AS, Hughes DE, Lichtsteiner SP, Wang Z, Lebkowski JS, Vasserot AP 2001
Varicella-zoster virus thymidine kinase gene and antiherpetic pyrimidine nucleoside analogues in a combined gene/chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Degrève B, Andrei G, Izquierdo M, Piette J, Morin K, Knaus EE, Wiebe LI, Basrah I, Walker RT, De Clercq E, Balzarini J 1997

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