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HBV Pol I is a family RT enzyme from Hepatitis B.

Selected Properties for HBV Pol I:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
no data no data no data no data no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
2014 Yong-Zhi Lun, Qing Chi, Xue-Lei Wang, Fang Wang, Wen Sui Lun YZ2014
2013 Zihua Wang, Li Wu, Xin Cheng, Shizhu Liu, Baosheng Li, Haijun Li, Fubiao Kang, Junping Wang, Huan Xia, Caiyan Ping, Michael Nassal, Dianxing Sun Wang Z2013
2011 Li Yan, Lei Xiao, Jun-Feng Wei, Jian Sun, Zhan-hui Wang, Jin-lin Hou Yan L2011
2010 Pankaj R Daga, Jinsong Duan, Robert J Doerksen Daga PR2010
2009 Maria Seifer, April Patty, Ilaria Serra, Bin Li, David N Standring Seifer M2009
2004 Wing Lam, Yingqian Li, Jieh-Yuan Liou, Ginger E Dutschman, Yung-Chi Cheng Lam W2004
2001 T Łoch, A Pawińska-Zdziebłowska, M H Fic Łoch T2001
1999 Erik De Clercq De Clercq E1999
1998 M von Janta-Lipinski, B Costisella, H Ochs, Ulrich Hübscher, P Hafkemeyer, E Matthes von Janta-Lipinski M1998
1997 R Sallie Sallie R1997
1996 T Shaw, S S Mok, S A Locarnini Shaw T1996
1996 M G Davis, J E Wilson, N A VanDraanen, W H Miller, George A Freeman, S M Daluge, F L Boyd, A E Aulabaugh, George R Painter, Lawrence R Boone Davis MG1996
1993 Masami Yamada, M Ishii, M Miura, Shusei Sato, A Kanno, H Ohori, T Toyota Yamada M1993
1992 T Loch, J Cianciara Loch T1992
1989 P Gastaud, C Baudouin, D Ouzan Gastaud P1989
1989 S H Oh, Y H Park, K Woo Oh SH1989
1986 G Mitra, P K Ng Mitra G1986
1985 F Imazeki, Masao Omata, Osamu Yokosuka, Y Matsuyama, Yasutomo Ito, K Okuda Imazeki F1985
1983 H J Lin, J P Kwan, P C Wu, W Chak Lin HJ1983
1982 R Perrillo, C Campbell, W Wellinghoff, L Gelb Perrillo R1982
1981 J C Mao, E R Otis, I K Mushahwar, L R Overby Mao JC1981
1981 G Hess, W Arnold, T H Hütteroth, K H Meyer zum Büschenfelde Hess G1981
1980 G Yamada, Tomonori Takahashi, M Mizuno, Y Sakamoto, K Kaga, T Kobayashi, H Nagashima Yamada G1980
1978 R Cappel, F De Cuyper, D Van Beers Cappel R1978
1978 S Z Hirschman, M Gerber, E Garfinkel Hirschman SZ1978
1978 T Shikata, T Karasawa, K Abe, Tomonori Takahashi, M Mayumi, T Oda Shikata T1978
1978 S Z Hirschman, E Garfinkel Hirschman SZ1978
1977 R Cappel, F DeCuyper, D Van Beers Cappel R1977
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