De Novo Biosynthesis of Deoxyribonucleic Acid Polymerase during Wheat Embryo Germination.

Mory YY, Chen D, Sarid S
Plant physiology (1975), Volume 55, Page 437
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An 8-fold enhancement in the activity of a DNA-dependent DNA ...
An 8-fold enhancement in the activity of a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase was found in extracts from germinating wheat (Triticum vulgare var. Florence) embryos, as compared to the activity found in extracts from ungerminated embryos. The enhancement of this activity during the first hours of germination is concomitant to the increase of a Dnase activity. The two activities could be separated and the increased level of the DNA polymerase upon germination was observed in an enzymatic fraction which contains very low DNase activity. Addition of the protein synthesis inhibitor, blasticidin S, to germinating wheat embryos, reduced the increase in DNA polymerase. Incorporation of radioactive amino acids into a phosphocellulose preparation, which contains the DNA polymerase starts during the first 6 hours of germination. The amount of radioactivity incorporated is doubled in the next 6 hours, and the incorporation is continued between 12 and 18 hours of germination.



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