A novel PDIP1-related protein, KCTD10, that interacts with proliferating cell nuclear antigen and DNA polymerase delta.


Rat potassium channel tetramerisation domain-containing 10 (KCTD10) ...
Rat potassium channel tetramerisation domain-containing 10 (KCTD10) gene was cloned and identified as a novel member of polymerase delta-interacting protein 1 (PDIP1) gene family. Rat KCTD10 is highly expressed in lung and moderately expressed in heart and testis. KCTD10 shares significant similarity in amino acid sequence to PDIP1 and can interact with the small subunit of DNA polymerase delta and PCNA as PDIP1 does. Like PDIP1, the expression of KCTD10 gene can be induced by TNF-alpha in NIH3T3 cells.




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