DNA polymerase of a basidiomycete fungus, Coprinus cinereus.

Lowe D, Lewis D
Biochem J (1981), Volume 193, Page 997
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DNA polymerase activity was studied in Coprinus cinereus, a ...
DNA polymerase activity was studied in Coprinus cinereus, a basidiomycete fungus. Only one from of the enzyme could be demonstrated, whether by affinity or ion-exchange chromatography; this enzyme had a molecular weight of 185000 on Sephadex G-200, and was inhibited by mercaptoethanol. Coprinus, a representative of the most advanced type of the filamentous fungi, resembles other eukaryotic micro-organisms in its lack of a mammalian beta-type DNA polymerase. The properties of the polymerase are compared with those of two other fungi, and found to resemble most closely the yeast polymerase A in Mg2+ requirements and template preference.



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