The DNA polymerase-encoding gene of African swine fever virus: sequence and transcriptional analysis.


The putative DNA polymerase-encoding gene of African swine fever virus ...
The putative DNA polymerase-encoding gene of African swine fever virus has been sequenced. The gene, designated G1207R, is located in the central region of the viral genome, and encodes a protein of 1207 amino acids (aa) with a predicted M(r) of 139,835. The gene is transcribed at both early and late stages of infection into a 4.1-kb RNA. Transcription is initiated at tsp, 8 nucleotides (nt) upstream from the start codon. Open reading frame (ORF) G1207R contains four direct repeats in tandem close to the 3'-end. Each repeat consists of 12 nt, coding for the reiterated sequence, K/NPAG. The deduced aa sequence of G1207R shows significant similarity with DNA polymerases from cellular and viral origin, belonging to the alpha-like family of DNA polymerases. In particular, the G1207R protein presents a colinear arrangement of all the 3'-->5' exonuclease and polymerization highly conserved aa regions characteristic of this group of DNA-dependent DNA polymerases.




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