Stereochemical course of nucleotidyl transfer catalyzed by bacteriophage T7 induced DNA polymerase.


The bacteriophage T7 induced DNA polymerase, consisting of the phage ...
The bacteriophage T7 induced DNA polymerase, consisting of the phage specified gene 5 protein associated with Escherichia coli thioredoxin, catalyzes the copolymerization of SP-dATP alpha S with dTTP, producing the alternating of polymer poly[dTs-A)] by a mechanism involving inversion of configuration at P alpha. Degradation of poly[d(5s-A)] by the nucleolytic action of E. coli DNA polymerase produced the dinucleotide pdTps-dA, whose configuration at the phosphorothioate diester was assigned as R by comparison of the phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shift (55.0 ppm downfield from H3PO4) with that of an authentic sample. Further degradation by alkaline phosphatase to Rp-dTps-dA (55.6 ppm downfield from H3PO4) confirmed the configuration. The stereochemistry provides no evidence of a double displacement mechanism.




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