Expansion of repertoire of modified DNAs prepared by PCR using KOD Dash DNA polymerase.


Thymidine analogues bearing a variety of functional groups at the ...
Thymidine analogues bearing a variety of functional groups at the C5-position via an amino-linker arm were prepared and the substrate activity for PCR using thermophilic KOD Dash DNA polymerase was examined. The enzyme accepted the thymidine analogues bearing pyridine, imidazole, biotin, a cationic-charged guanidinium, a cationic-charged amino, mercaptopyridyl and phenanthrolne groups at the C5-position, forming the corresponding PCR product. However, a thymidine analogue bearing a carboxyl group at the C5-position was a poor substrate and the corresponding PCR products could not be obtained. The thymidine analogue bearing a mercapto group was also a poor substrate for the enzyme, because it dimerized by disulfide linkage under PCR conditions. The enzyme hardly accepts the thymidine analogues with a negatively-charged carboxyl group or a bulky group as a substrate. KOD Dash DNA polymerase, having a broader substrate specificity than any other DNA polymerase, will expand the variety of modified DNAs that can be prepared by PCR.




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