Recapitulation of the cellular xeroderma pigmentosum-variant phenotypes using short interfering RNA for DNA polymerase H.

Laposa RR, Feeney L, Cleaver JE
Cancer research (2003), Volume 63, Page 3909
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The lesion-specific DNA polymerase POLH gene is mutated in xeroderma ...
The lesion-specific DNA polymerase POLH gene is mutated in xeroderma pigmentosum variant (XP-V) patients who exhibit an increased skin cancer incidence from UV exposure. Normal cells in which POLH expression was reduced using short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) were compared with the XP-V cellular phenotype that results from naturally occurring inactivating mutations. Stable clones expressing siRNA had partially reduced POLH protein levels, and intermediate levels of UV sensitivity and S phase checkpoint activation, but similar levels of Mre11 foci as in XP-V cells. Therefore, suppression of POLH expression levels by siRNA recapitulates most of the phenotypes seen in cells from XP-V patients with inactivating mutations in POLH.




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