Control of complex formation of DNA polymerase alpha-primase and cell-free DNA replication by the C-terminal amino acids of the largest subunit p180.

Smith RW, Nasheuer HP
FEBS letters (2002), Volume 527, Page 143
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DNA polymerase alpha-primase is a heterotetrameric complex essential ...
DNA polymerase alpha-primase is a heterotetrameric complex essential for simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40) DNA replication. We show that the C-terminal 67 amino acid residues of the human p180 subunit are essential for SV40 DNA replication as they are required for binding of the p68 subunit and play a role in the interaction with the primase subunits, p48 and p58. Furthermore, we demonstrate that exchanging these residues to those of mouse origin can only partially rescue the SV40 DNA replication activity of DNA polymerase alpha-primase.




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