DNA polymerase V-dependent mutator activity in an SOS-induced Escherichia coli strain with a temperature-sensitive DNA polymerase III.

Timms AR, Bridges BA
Mutation research (2002), Volume 499, Page 97
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The temperature-sensitive DNA polymerase III (Pol III) encoded by the ...
The temperature-sensitive DNA polymerase III (Pol III) encoded by the dnaE486 allele confers a spontaneous mutator activity in SOS-induced bacteria that is largely dependent upon DNA polymerase V (Pol V), encoded by umuD, C. This mutator activity is influenced by the defective proof-reading sub-unit of Pol III encoded by the dnaQ905 (mutD5) allele arguing that Pol V is most likely fixing mutations arising from mismatched primer termini produced by Pol III(486). The size of the dnaQ effect is, however, modest leaving open the possibility that Pol V may be responsible for some of the mutator effect by engaging in bursts of processive activity.




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