[Reagents for modification of protein-nucleic complexes. III. Site-specific photomodification of elongation complex of DNA polymerase beta with arylazide derivatives of primers sensitized with fluorescent ATP gamma-amide].


ATP gamma-amides containing in gamma-N-position 1-methylpyrene, ...
ATP gamma-amides containing in gamma-N-position 1-methylpyrene, 9-methylanthracene, 10-chloro-9-methylanthracene, and 3-methylperylene residues were synthesized and characterized. These compounds were used as sensitizers of site-specific photomodification of the reconstituted elongating complex of the mammalian DNA polymerase beta. The photomodification was carried out with the use of photoaffine reagents, which were synthesized in situ by the 5'-(32)P-labeled primers extension with photoactive analogues of dCTP containing in the exo-N-position of cytosine various perfluoroarylazide groups. The effect of structures of the sensitizers and photoactive reagents on the efficiency and selectivity of photolinking of primers to the enzyme and template, as well as formation of a number of other photomodification products was studied. It was shown that the sensitizers containing 10-chloro-9-methylanthracene and 3-methylperylene residues allow preparation of photolinks in such irradiation conditions when photomodification in their absence is not essentially observed.




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