Escherichia coli mutY-dependent mismatch repair involves DNA polymerase I and a short repair tract.

Tsai-Wu JJ, Lu AL
Mol Gen Genet (1994), Volume 244, Page 444
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Repair of heteroduplex DNA containing an A/G mismatch in a mutL ...
Repair of heteroduplex DNA containing an A/G mismatch in a mutL background requires the Escherichia coli mutY gene function. The mutY-dependent in vitro repair of A/G mismatches is accompanied by repair DNA synthesis on the DNA strand bearing mispaired adenines. The size of the mutY-dependent repair tract was measured by the specific incorporation of alpha-[32P]dCTP into different restriction fragments of the repaired DNA. The repair tract is shorter than 12 nucleotides and longer than 5 nucleotides and is localized to the 3' side of the mismatched adenine. This repair synthesis is carried out by DNA polymerase I.




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