The effect of divalent nickel (Ni2+) on in vitro DNA replication by DNA polymerase alpha.


The effects of the carcinogenic metal nickel on DNA polymerase alpha ...
The effects of the carcinogenic metal nickel on DNA polymerase alpha (pol alpha) activity and fidelity have been analyzed. In the absence of Mg2+, the presence of Ni2+ ions at concentrations below 0.25 mM gave rise to a dose-dependent activation of pol alpha as monitored by [3H]dTMP incorporation into an activated DNA template. The apparent Km for Ni(2+)-dependent pol alpha incorporation of dTTP was estimated to be 25 microM, which was about 10 times higher than the Km for Mg2+ (2.3 microM). Above 0.25 mM, Ni2+ caused a dose-dependent inhibition of pol alpha activity and the Ki was calculated to be 1.5 mM. Scatchard analyses showed that Ni2+ binds to affinity-purified pol alpha and associated proteins at two tight binding sites with a Kd of approximately 50 microM and at eight weak binding sites with a Kd of approximately 4 mM. In the presence of 2 mM Mg2+, the addition of Ni2+ to the reactions caused an inhibition of polymerase activity. The inhibition patterns tended to switch from competitive to mixed-type to noncompetitive as a function of Ni2+ concentration. Lastly, Ni2+ increased the incorporation of the modified nucleotide dideoxy-CMP in reactions using varying ratios of dideoxy-CTP/dCTP.




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