Mutagenic specificity of a novel T4 DNA polymerase mutant.


The in vivo mutational specificity of a novel T4 DNA polymerase ...
The in vivo mutational specificity of a novel T4 DNA polymerase mutator mutant, tsM19, was determined. Two genetic tester systems were used to characterize the mutant. Results of our studies indicate that tsM19 promotes transition and transversion mutagenesis and, possibly, frameshift mutagenesis. Central G:C base pairs in runs of three or more consecutive G:C base pairs may be target sites for tsM19-induced transitions.



Mutational Analysis, Fidelity, Nucleotide Incorporation, Exonuclease Activity

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Novel T4 mutator DNA polymerase tsM19 (L340P) does not have a reduced proofreading-exonuclease activity but rather is defective in specificity and makes incoporation errors by inserting wrong nucleotides.


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