Absence of high levels of DNA polymerase alpha activity in the nuclear matrix prepared from mouse erythroleukemia cells.


We have examined the association of DNA polymerase alpha activity with ...
We have examined the association of DNA polymerase alpha activity with the nuclear matrix prepared by different techniques from mouse erythroleukemia cells. At variance with the data obtained using other cell types we have found that only a small amount (less than 2%) of nuclear DNA polymerase alpha activity resisted extraction with high-ionic strength buffers, even if nuclei were heat-stabilized by incubation at 37 degrees C for 45 min prior to subfractionation. The recovery of DNA polymerase alpha activity bound to the matrix was unaffected by the type of extracting agent used (NaCl or (NH4)2 SO4), by the extraction sequence or by the method employed for obtaining nuclei. These results could indicate that in some types of cells the nuclear matrix is not involved in DNA replication.




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