Effects of aging and dietary restriction on DNA polymerase expression in mice.


DNA polymerase alpha was isolated from livers of 6-month-, 16-month-, ...
DNA polymerase alpha was isolated from livers of 6-month-, 16-month-, or 26-month-old mice fed ad libitum, or calorically restricted. The enzymes differed in chromatographic characteristics, binding affinity for DNA, and activity, with both total activity and specific activity of DNA polymerase alpha decreasing as a function of age. A positive correlation was observed between polymerase alpha specific activity and the affinity of enzyme binding to activated DNA template-primer. The age-associated decline in enzyme activity was modified by dietary restriction, with measurably higher activity seen for polymerases from dietary restricted animals compared with ad libitum animals of all ages. The data suggest that dietary restriction could act to delay the age-associated decrease in cellular capacity for DNA synthesis, which may play a significant role in prolonging the onset of age-related diseases in which decreased DNA synthesis is a potential component.




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