Rat DNA sequence associated with a complex form of DNA polymerase alpha in nonregenerating liver interacts with a ubiquitous transcription/replication factor Oct-1.


A ubiquitous mammalian transcription factor, Oct-1 (also known as ...
A ubiquitous mammalian transcription factor, Oct-1 (also known as OTF-1, NF-A1, OBP100, or NFIII), stimulates the initiation of replication of adenovirus DNA, and may also be involved in the activation of some chromosomal replication origins. If this is true, binding sites for Oct-1 should be present within regions responsible for the initiation of DNA replication. In this study such a binding site has been identified within a 340bp fragment that was originally isolated from a minor fraction of DNA associated with a complexed form of DNA polymerase alpha from nonregenerating rat liver, and which shows autonomous replication sequence activity in a transient transfection assay. Northern blot analysis was used to show that Oct-1 mRNA is induced in regenerating rat liver 6-14 h after hepatectomy.




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