[RNA and DNA synthesis catalyzed by a DNA-polymerase alpha complex with primase from silkworm cells on single-stranded DNA].


Depending on the ionic environment the replicative complex of silkworm ...
Depending on the ionic environment the replicative complex of silkworm Bombyx mori, containing DNA polymerase alpha and primase, catalyzes on single-stranded DNA of phage M13 a NTP-dependent synthesis or elongation of preformed primers. In the presence of NTPs and dNTPs at conditions optimal for the NTP-dependent synthesis the replicative complex synthesizes on M13 DNA oligoribonucleotides of 9-11 residues, which serve as primers for polymerization of DNA. The length of RNA-primers synthesized by primase of the complex depends on concentration of dNTP but does not depend on activity of DNA polymerase alpha. During elongation of exogenic primers annealed to M13 DNA the complex is processive synthesizing DNA fragments of dozens residues without dissociation from the template. Double-stranded structures in DNA such as "hairpins" appear to be barriers for driving of the complex along the template and cause pauses in elongation. DNA-binding proteins the SSB of Escherichia coli or the p32 of phage T4 destabilize double-stranded regions in DNA and eliminate elongation pauses corresponding to these regions. The replicative complex is able to fill in single-stranded gaps in DNA completely and to perform slowly the synthesis with displacement of one of parent strands in duplexes via repeated cycles of binding to the primer-template, limited elongation and dissociation.




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