[Dependence of 3'-5-exonuclease activity of a fragment of Klenow DNA polymerase I from Escherichia coli on the length and structure of the cleaved oligonucleotide].


The Km and vmax values for oligothymidylates d(pT)2-16 in reaction of ...
The Km and vmax values for oligothymidylates d(pT)2-16 in reaction of 3'-5'-exonuclease hydrolysis catalyzed by Klenow fragment were measured in the absence and presence of poly(dA) template without the poly(dA), the Km values for oligonucleotides are slightly dependent on their length. The rate of oligothymidylates hydrolysis increases with their length and for d(pT)16 it is about 190-times higher than for d(pT)2. The addition on poly(dA) does not lead to an essential change of the Km values for d(pT)2-16, but raises the rate of d(pT)2-7 hydrolysis 2-17-fold and at the same time lowers the efficiency of d(pT)8-16 hydrolysis. The Km values for d(pC)10, d(pA)19 and d(pT)10 are nearly the same. However the velocity of d(pC)10 hydrolysis is approximately 1,2 and 7,8-times higher than for d(pA)10 and d(pC)10, respectively d(pC)10, d(pA)10 and d(pT)10 under conditions of interaction with the template-binding site raise the rate of hydrolysis of d(pT)2 combined with the exonuclease center, with various efficiency. Under similar conditions, d(pT)8, d(pT)10 and d(pT)16 as templates activated hydrolysis of d(pT)2. The dependence of the Klenow fragment exonuclease activity both on the length and structure of the template and on the length of the hydrolyzed oligonucleotide was suggested.




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