DNA polymerase alpha does not mediate G0-G1 increase in yield of X-ray-induced exchange aberrations in human peripheral blood lymphocytes.

Bender MA, Moore RC
Mutation research (1990), Volume 244, Page 111
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We report experiments to test the hypothesis that the increased yield ...
We report experiments to test the hypothesis that the increased yield of dicentric chromosomes observed in human peripheral blood lymphocytes treated with X-rays during the G1 phase of their first cell cycle, as compared with the yield when the cells are treated in their G0 phase prior to phytohemagglutinin stimulation, is a manifestation of the recently-reported conversion of an inactive form of DNA polymerase alpha to its active form as the PHA-stimulated cells pass from G0 into G1 (Sylvia et al., 1988). The specific polymerase alpha inhibitor butylphenyl deoxyguanosine was used as an X-ray post-treatment. The results show that polymerase alpha is not involved.




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