Neutralization of purified herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase by two antipeptide sera.


Synthetic peptides corresponding to amino acid sequences present in ...
Synthetic peptides corresponding to amino acid sequences present in the herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1) DNA polymerase (pol) were used to raise polyclonal rabbit antisera. The three peptides described in detail in this report were among seven sequences chosen for initial studies designed to generate reagents capable of recognizing discrete regions of the HSV-1 pol protein from the amino to carboxy termini. Two of the peptides, designated P6 and P7, representing amino acid residues 1100-1108 and 1216-1224 of the deduced HSV-1 (strain KOS) DNA pol sequence (1235 residues) produced antisera that could not only recognize the native HSV-1 pol enzyme but also could specifically neutralize purified HSV-1 pol activity in a dose-dependent manner. An additional peptide, designated P3, representing residues 548-557, produced an antiserum that was unable to recognize the native protein but could react with HSV-1 pol in a denatured form by immunoblot assay.




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