[Characteristics of DNA isolated from a complex form of DNA-polymerase alpha from the rat liver].


A complex from of DNA polymerase alpha was isolated from the nuclear ...
A complex from of DNA polymerase alpha was isolated from the nuclear membrane of hepatocytes. DNA fragments were shown to be among components of the complex under study. In this paper we present evidence that DNA from the alpha-polymerase complex from quiescent hepatocytes (DNA-G) differs in its nucleotide composition from its counterpart (DNA-S) isolated from hepatocytes synthesizing DNA. As judged by dot hybridization, DNA-G0 does not contain nucleotide sequences which are complementary to ribosomal or messenger RNA, whereas the abovementioned sequences are present in DNA-S. At the same time DNA-G0 is found to contain sequences which are homologous to both SV40 DNA and yeast TRPI-ARS1 DNA. The difference in nucleotide sequences between DNA-G0 and DNA-S indicates that in the process of replication DNA is being stretched across the multienzyme complex located on the nuclear membrane.




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