Alteration of the exonuclease activities of DNA polymerase I by captan.


DNA polymerase I is a multifaceted enzyme with one polymerizing and ...
DNA polymerase I is a multifaceted enzyme with one polymerizing and two exonuclease activities. Captan was previously shown to be an inhibitor of this enzyme's polymerizing activity and this report measures the effects of captan on the two exonuclease activities. When the holoenzyme was tested, captan enhanced the degradation of poly(dA-dT), T7 DNA and, to a significantly lesser extent, heat-denatured DNA. However, when the effects of captan were tested as a function of substrate concentration, the stimulatory influence was measured only at high substrate concentrations. At low concentrations of DNA, captan was inhibitory. Inhibition and enhancement each showed an ED50 of the same value (approx. 100 microM). By assaying the two exonuclease activities separately it was shown that the differential effect on the holoenzyme by captan was the result of a combined inhibition of the 3'----5' exonuclease and enhancement of the 5'----3' exonuclease. Klenow fragment with poly(dA-dT) as substrate was used to assay for 3'----5' exonuclease activity. Captan inhibited this exonuclease and the inhibition could be prevented by the addition of greater concentrations of substrate. Holoenzyme and poly(rA)-poly(dT) were used to assay for 5'----3' exonucleolysis, which was enhanced at higher concentrations of substrate in the presence of captan.




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