DNA polymerase alpha associated primase from rat liver: physiological variations.


A primase activity associated to DNA polymerase alpha from rat liver ...
A primase activity associated to DNA polymerase alpha from rat liver is described. Both activities were absent in normal adult rat liver but were concomitantly induced after partial hepatectomy. As previously shown for polymerase alpha and DNA topoisomerase II, primase activity reached a maximum value 40-43 h after the partial removal of the liver. Primase activity was shown to catalyze dNMP incorporation on unprimed single-stranded DNA template (M13 DNA) in the presence of rNTP. The activity was not detectable on poly(dA) or poly(dG) but was efficient on poly(dT) or poly(dC). However, the reliability of the primase assay in the presence of poly(dC) was dependent upon the degree of purification of the enzyme. The ribo primers were about 10 nucleotides long, and the reaction was completely independent of alpha-amanitin, a strong inhibitor of RNA polymerases II and III. Primase and polymerase were found tightly associated. A cosedimentation on a 5-20% sucrose gradient was always obtained, independent of the ionic strength. There was also a close coincidence between alpha-polymerase and primase activities during phosphocellulose, hydroxylapatite, and single-stranded DNA Ultrogel chromatography. It has been previously demonstrated by us and others that primase and alpha-polymerase are on separated polypeptides. The association of two activities in the replication complex and the conditions allowing their separation are discussed.




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