[DNA polymerase beta from the rat liver. Isolation, properties and inhibitory analysis of a homogeneous preparation].

Atrazhev AM, Kukhanova MK
Bioorg Khim (1985), Volume 11, Page 1627
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A simple and reproducible purification procedure of homogeneous DNA ...
A simple and reproducible purification procedure of homogeneous DNA polymerase beta from rat liver is developed, including sedimentation and saline extraction of rat liver chromatin, chromatography of the extract on DEAE-cellulose, phosphocellulose, Gel Blue A, and DNA sepharose. The purified enzyme isolated with the 8.4% yield proved to be a homogeneous protein with m.w. 38-40 kDa, specific activity 31 units/g, pI 8.6-8.9. Incorporation of [3H]TTP into activated DNA catalysed by DNA polymerase beta was strongly inhibited by dNTP (3'NH2), ddTTP, dNTP (3'F) and slightly inhibited by aCTP and aNTP (3'NH2).




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