Fidelity of DNA replication catalysed in vitro on a natural DNA template by the T4 bacteriophage multi-enzyme complex.

Hibner U, Alberts BM
Nature (1980), Volume 285, Page 300
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More than 50 copies of a phi X174 DNA template can be made in 60 min ...
More than 50 copies of a phi X174 DNA template can be made in 60 min in an in vitro DNA replication system consisting of seven purfied replication proteins isolated from T4 bacteriophage-infected cells. By transfecting with the DNA products and assaying for the reversion of specific amber mutants, the high degree of base-pairing fidelity in this system is revealed; the in vitro system is also shown to respond to the mutagenic effect of Mn2+ and to display strong base-pair context effects on fidelity, as expected from in vivo studies.




Mutational Analysis, Modulators/Inhibitors, Fidelity, Nucleotide Incorporation

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Nucleotide pool bias and Mn2+ increase mutations in in vitro T4 DNA polymerase replication assay


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